Collection: Fuji Magnetic Contactor in Pakistan

Fuji Electric is a well-known manufacturer of electrical components, including magnetic contactors. A magnetic contactor is an electromechanical device used to control the flow of electricity in an electrical circuit. It typically consists of a coil that generates a magnetic field when energized, attracting a set of contacts to make or break the electrical connection.

Fuji Electric offers a range of magnetic contactors with different specifications to meet various application requirements. These contactors are designed to provide reliable switching and protection for motors, pumps, compressors, and other electrical equipment.


  1. Compact and space-saving design
  2. High switching capacity
  3. Low power consumption
  4. Long electrical life
  5. Wide range of coil voltages available
  6. Built-in surge suppression for coil protection
  7. Overload and short-circuit protection options
  8. Auxiliary contacts for control and monitoring purposes
  9. DIN rail or panel mountable options is the Best Online Shopping website for Fuji Magnetic Contactor.
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