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FATEK PLC Comunication Cable for hmi to fatek plc

FATEK PLC Programming Cable


Mitsubishi FX1N-40MT PLC

FBs-24MAR Fatek Plc

FBs-60MCT Fatek PLC

FBs-20MCT Fatek PLC

Mistsubishi PLC FX Programming Cable

Programming cable is provided through the USB interface to serial connection and RS232 signal conversion optocoupler programming cable, under the control of the driver running on the computer, will simulate the traditional serial computer’s USB port, so use various existing programming software, communication software and monitoring software and other applications. PWR- power; RX- accepted) PLC port powered by the transceiver status LED indicates data.USB-FBS-232P0-9F + isolated programming cable is suitable for Taiwan-Hong Yong FSB series PLC, the connection PLC COM 1 port.  Round 4 pin + USB  

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